Hey Guys, hope everyone is doing well!

We are just winding down now from a busy couple of weeks. Just want to say thanks to everyone involved to make the 2013 JC Steel Target Challenge a very successful match for the shooters. We were able to raise a few thousand dollars for Jubilee Youth Ranch! That was our ultimate goal in this entire process and we thank you for the help!

Big thanks to all the RO’s, Sponsors(remember to call them!!), and helo personnel for everything. Without these guys none of this is possible.

We have roughly 120 total people out here for the event, with lots of shooting and lots of field style hiking. We appreciate everyones positive attitude!!
Makes it much easier to have everything run smooth!

Congrats to our top shooters! They had a much deserved top finish. It was a very challenge match because of some elements.

We would really like to grow this into a desirable and nationally recognized match. With the help of all the shooters and top notch sponsors we think it could be possible. Again, I am humbled by all the positive comments and am just happy most everything went like it was supposed to. Thanks again guys

I would love the constructive advice as well since I am still very new to all of this and alot of you guys have much more experience!

Thank you, thanks you, thank you!

Lets make next year a great match as well!

Jake Vibbert
JC Steel Targets
Jubilee Youth Ranch

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All our steel is packed and shipped by youth on Jubilee Youth Ranch. A portion of our profits will be going back to the youth ranch to keep this program up and running.


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