The Precision Rifle Training for Competitors course is geared towards both new and advanced shooters who are interested in improving their competition performance in tactical/practical precision rifle whether it’s at their local club match or a national level precision rifle match.

For those new to precision rifle (and as a review to more advanced shooters) Jake starts with building a solid foundation and mastery of the fundamentals of marksmanship and basic positional shooting. He then progresses to covering the basic techniques for prop and barricade shooting.

For intermediate and advanced shooters, Jake gives the student solid tips and techniques for use on a variety of common shooting props used in matches such as multi-height barricades, shooting ports, tank traps, roof tops, tires, natural terrain obstacles, and more. More advanced topics also address stage strategy, formulating a game plan, stage checklists, and competition mindset.

Other subjects are covered such as basic gear, competition gear, wind reading, tripod shooting tips and techniques, and much more is covered.

Improve your mastery of precision rifle and score more points at your next precision rifle match by enrolling in the JC Steel Targets Online Training Academy.