Premium AR 500 Steel is an extremely robust product. It stands for abrasion resistant and has a Brinell Hardness of 500.

Our AR500 steel is hand selected, making sure we only get the highest grade materials. We then lay our entire sheet of AR500 down to be cut with a computer programmed Robotic laser cutting arm with tru-hole technology. It creates a super product, leaving very smooth edges and nice clean holes. We can cut about any shape and size needed with very close tolerances and dimensions.  It cuts very fast, keeping the material cooler than other methods of cutting. You do not want to keep the heat on a specific area of AR500. If the heat is kept on too long, it will eventially weaken the material in the immediate area.  Some heat is completely fine, and you will see no difference, but excessive heat is something to avoid.

What can I expect from AR 500 Steel Targets?
AR500 is very hard stuff, but like everything, it has its limitations. If you would like to have your AR500 Steel Targets for a lifetime, follow these basic guidelines.
-Pistol rounds at 15 yards and further-
-.223 type rifles at 100 yards and further
-.308 type rifles at 100 yards and further
-300 WM type rifles at 200 yards and further

If these guidelines are followed, you should be able to use these premium targets with no damage to the steel.
Speed is what hurts steel! It is common to see a .223 round dimple AR500 at 100 yards with some ammo because of the speed of the bullet upon impact.

We test our products with extremely big and fast calibers and see impressive results. We think you will be happy as well. Remember, its just a target, depending on what you are shooting, and what range, will determine the life of the target. But regardless, we expect it to be a very long time.

-Always wear Ear and Eye Protection
-Never Shoot Steel from closer than 15 yards